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we start in our home away from home...

Each trip to Europe is different. Some trips we get lost. Some trips we go to our favorite dealer and they have nothing. This trip was special. We had a maximum amount of fun, with no setbacks and boy did we find product for our customers. We started at our favorite hotel in the UK. Its called Callow Hall and it is spectacular. A castle of sorts, owned by the most wonderful family you could imagine. Dorothy and David Spencer are the hosts and Anthony, one of their sons, is the chef and Emma, their daughter couldn't be more charming. I have met my match, as David Spencer can actually outtalk me. That is not easy to do. Home cooked meals and scenery that should be photographed are the perfect backdrop to the start of our trip. Its our 2nd day in England and we are just getting started and decide to have lunch with one of our favorite dealers. Walking to lunch we spot our dream piece in the window of another dealer. You only hope that you can find one special piece on each trip and we are in the UK less than 24 hours and we stumble over it. It is the largest and most useful English apothecary we have ever seen. Usually we can only find the multi drawer part, but this beauty , with bottom storage, came right out of a 19th century Pharmacy. Some very lucky customer is going to be blessed with its presence. We bought lots, that first week and I had my chief negotiator on my side. How could we lose. Carol is quite good at this, but doesn't think she is.

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