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relationships are everything

Our relationships with our antique dealers in the UK, France and Canada are as important as the product we buy. Trusting them and the knowledge they feed us, is essential to our business. We love our dealers personally and give you a glimpse of two, during our first week in the UK.

antique dealers

Each trip is totally different, because we have no knowledge of what we will find. When we get a nice start and find something special it always gives us a huge boost. So you can imagine how happy we were to find this Drapers table, used by a tailor in the mid 1800’s. There is even a brass measuring stick running along the front edge. Shall we keep it ourselves? That is always my first thought. I can’t help it. If that wasn’t enough of a high, we also found this adorable marble top, very small butcher block table (which I think would make a unique end table or nightstand) and a very unusual pie safe (which I would use as a chest of drawers or in a kitchen).

I would love to show you more, but im holding back plenty, to encourage you to visit us in Sheffield in mid May, when the container should arrive.

Before we go off to France for a glorious weekend and week of shopping, we would be remiss if we didn’t remind you of our home away from home, in the UK. It is Callow Hall. We really adore this special place and the special family that owns it. Just a small true story about our stay in Callow Hall. Emma, the daughter of David and Dorothy, who own Callow Hall, just gave birth to her first child (Matthew Jacob is his name). Shocking as it might be, David and Dana Solomon,(our youngest) gave birth in the past 8 months, to their first child, as well. Yes, it is Matthew Jacob!!! Both Matthew Jacobs are doing fine.

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