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painted porch - country antiques

seeking treasures in england

We started our trip in northern England at our "home away from home", Callow Hall,in Ashbourne,UK. We have mentioned this inn before,but let me simply say, there is no better, friendlier place that we have ever stayed. This particular trip was more emotional for us than any other we have made in the last 6 years. Callow Hall is owned by the Spencer family. David and Dorothy ( mom and dad ) and two of their four children, Anthony and Emma, play very active roles in the inn. Sometimes we feel that Emma is our surrogate daughter, we like her and their entire family so much. You can imagine how we felt when we were told that Emma is engaged and getting married next month. We were fortunate enough to meet Justin, her fiancé and spend a bit of time with them both. The reception will take place at Callow Hall.

These are the joys of being in this business. Part is the product we choose and for us the other part is the wonderful people we do business with, both abroad and in our store. It is simply a pleasure. This particular trip was all about France. Even in the UK, we were able to find rich French pieces, like this small cherry buffet.

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