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painted porch - country antiques


As the years move on in our business it becomes clear that the more unique and unusual pieces we buy the better we do as a business. We all want function but when we can find eye catching pieces of furniture and accessories Painted Porch flourishes!

This once in a lifetime purchase of a watchmakers table from France was the one of the moments that makes us love this business. It created conversation in the store for months, every day. We seek new pieces all the time and it’s our store counters that create the most buzz. This was one of the superb counters purchases in 2012.

Both came from new sourcing for us. To wake up in the morning and turn on the computer and receive an email from a dealer we never met is gold for us. Such was the case in the two above pieces. It’s the beauty of the internet. The email says we may have synergy and I have been to your site and I sell similar items. Please consider visiting us on your next trip. Our sourcing keeps getting better and that helps our inventory selection and opportunities. For 2013 we have also decided to show you pieces we purchased from new dealers in England and France. This zinc top base we found in England and fell in love with it!

It is stunning and I wish we could keep it ourselves but with all the inventory we buy over the years from dealers we have strong relationships with for 15 years, it’s the continuing search for new dealers that broadens our base and helps with our success. In France in 2013 came this French electric piano player machine, complete with coin slot, crank and a song sheet on the side. What a superb armoire this would make.

It's important to us that we never get complacent and continue to try new ideas and step out of the box. We feel fresh after so many years in business. These past two years have energized us.