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2011 travels...

I’m writing this summary of our travels this past year, at the end of the year. We had the best year of searching and finding unique items in all the years we have been in business. So many fun items from so many wonderful dealers, that we have had relationships with for years. The French pieces that stand out to us simply wonderful. Let’s start with this Bakery store counter, in original paint, with sliding drawers. We hated to part with it, which is often my issue with the store. Falling in love with our own inventory. The bakery store counter wound up in Bermuda, to a customer who found the piece on our web site and found me on the golf course, where I executed a sale by texting back and forth to him. Boy did I play nice golf that day! This piece is now in its new home at the Soho Hotel in NY. A designer bought it for the hotel. I believe it’s on the 2nd floor. Then there is this French store counter. Are you getting tired of seeing store counters. I hope not , because I keep buying them and they all sell!!

In England this year we were able to buy the most wonderful Irish step back cupboard. It was bought at the end of the year and is still on the floor and we are delighted to have it, until its new owner appears. I’m always pleased to find golf lockers. This was a four door golf locker. They look wonderful in a mud room or children’s room. I can’t keep them in stock ,but I’m having trouble finding more. Here is one of our favorite pub signs, recently bought at the end of the year . its two sided and the content is fun. I love looking at this sign. If you haven’t overdosed on counters, the most recent purchase came from a small general store in Yorkshire and has a painted base.

Finally, Quebec always has our attention every time we are ready to travel and purchase. The French Canadians have unusual and rich colors and these two purchases are just a glimpse of our recent journey to Canada.

We now have the pleasure of beginning to think about 2012. Our first trip will be in April of this coming year. Stay tuned!