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painted porch - country antiques

oh, to be in england...

For most people, traveling to Europe on business is just that – business. But when we make our annual antiquing pilgrimages, business truly becomes a pleasure. This time around, we spent more time in England than France, visiting old friends and favorite dealers, and finding some new keepers along the way.

Carol lights up the Havana room.

Some fogey with a stogie.

“This is for money, right?”

We flew into Gatwick in early April and immediately headed south to the charming village of Tunbridge Wells, where we checked into the astonishing Hotel du Vin. Built in 1762 as a private residence, the thirty-five-room hotel simply defines English country. But the best part of staying there was the Havana room just off the restaurant. After dinner, we would retire there for a glass of brandy, a fine Cuban cigar (you just can’t keep Carol away from a good cigar) and a friendly game of snooker. We felt like the Lord and Lady of the manor.