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painted porch - country antiques


It's hard to follow up significant unique pieces with subsequent journeys for more. Some days we feel like we will never find anything as good as the 2 years just completed. Soon after experiencing this feeling we meet a woman in the south of France who has a friend willing to sell their own kitchen counter from their home. Could this possibly be true? It was. We bought the piece right from his home and find out that he is a dealer and may have more for us. The search for fresh items for our store doesn’t get much better than this. This particular dealer, it turns out, also specializes in 1930 leather chairs, (one of our favorite continuous search), every year. He has a beauty and we felt lucky because when we sell it we hopefully can buy more. We brought both pieces back on our first container of 2014 and sold them both right away. We didn’t think that the theme for 2014 would be new dealers again but over the years many American dealers have stopped going to the UK and France and now we feel we have benefitted from that we a broader selection for Painted Porch. The French have very unique items often but the English have decided they should go the France and bring back some of those French pieces. So one day, when we least expected it, we go to one of our favorite English dealers and find this French spice cabinet, complete with original porcelain labels. It’s our and we love it! We even find ourselves starting to enjoy some industrial pieces. We found a dealer in the US that combines meta industrial bases with old wood tops and he has the most special pieces. Here is one of our favorites. It’s the casing of a 1928 Alwater-Kent radio with an old chunky top , making a most interesting side table. We became even more convinced this year that we can continue to grow and remain fresh. As 2014 comes to a close we are excited to embrace 2015. Buying can be so much fun!